E.A.’s Model:
KMBT015 A(CSR8610)
KMBT015 B(CSR8620)
KMBT015 C(CSR8640)
KMBT015 D(CSR8645)

Approval Memo:




Device Features
  • 80MHz RISC MCU and 80MIPS Kalimba DSP
  • Internal ROM, serial flash memory and EEPROM interfaces
  • Stereo codec with 2 microphone inputs
  • Radio includes integrated balun
  • 5-band fully configurable EQ
  • CSR’s latest CVC technology for narrowband and wideband voice connections including wind noise reduction
  • Wideband speech supported by HFP v1.6 profile and mSBC codec
  • Voice recognition support for answering a call, enables true hands-free use
  • Multipoint HFP connection to 2 phones for voice
  • Multipoint A2DP connection enables a headset (A2DP) connection to 2 A2DP source devices for music playback
  • Secure simple pairing, CSR’s proximity pairing and CSR’s proximity connection
  • Audio interfaces: I²S and PCM
  • Serial interfaces: UART, USB 2.0 (full-speed), I²C and SPI
  • AptX(KMBT015 D), SBC, MP3 and AAC(KMBT015 C)decoder support
  • Wired audio support (USB and analogue)
  • Support for smartphone/tablet applications
  • Integrated dual switch-mode regulators, linear regulators and battery charger
  • External crystal load capacitors not required for typical crystals
  • 3 LED outputs
  • Surface-mount, Size: 14.60×10.70×1.90mm max
General Description
  • The KMBT015 is a product from K-mate Connectivity Centre. It is a single-chip radio and baseband Module for Bluetooth 2.4GHz systems.
  • The integrated peripherals reduce the number of external components required, including no requirement for external codec, battery charger, SMPS, LDOs, balun or external program memory, ensuring minimum production costs.
  • The battery charger architecture enables the KMBT015 to independently operate from the charger supply, ensuring dependable operation for all battery conditions.
  • Stereo headsets
  • Wired stereo headsets and headphones
  • Portable stereo speakers

The enhanced Kalimba DSP coprocessor with 80MIPS supports enhanced audio and DSP applications.
The integrated audio codec supports 2 channels of ADC, 2 digital microphone inputs and stereo output, as well as a variety of audio standards.

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