Find my stuff
Bluetooth low energy
Special features

BTL001 is designed to find your stuff or to alert you when you are going to lost yor stuff

Connect the BTL001 with your phone, you will be able to:

  • Find your phone: just push the button on the BTL001 to activate the alert on your phone
  • Find your other stuff: set the alert distance through APP on the phone, if the stuff attached with BTL001 is out of range from the phone, BTL001 wil beep & alert you to take care of your stuff
Key specifications
  • IPX5-rated water-resistant
  • Bluetooth specification: V4.0
  • Bluetooth profiles: FMP,PXP
  • Operating distance: 10 meters Class II
  • Battery: CR1632
  • Standby time: About six months
  • Dimension:68.8x25x8mm
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